Can You Sell or Pawn A Laptop?

Can You Sell or Pawn A Laptop?

If you are looking for quick cash you might consider getting rid of a laptop. How much you can sell or pawn a laptop depends on a variety of factors including the brand and model as well as the condition of the laptop. In this guide, we will discuss your options for selling your laptop or getting a loan on a laptop from a pawn shop. If you live in the NYC area and are looking to get a pawn loan or sell electronics, give us a call or visit one of our two locations in the Bronx. 

Should You Sell A Laptop Online?

First and foremost, if you are planning to sell an electronic, you have a few options on where to sell. When selling any item there are two main ways to sell it. Either you sell it directly to its next owner, or you sell it to a dealer who is able to sell it to its next owner. There are pros and cons in both cases. One of the benefits of selling directly is potentially getting a higher price, however, there are a variety of risks you take on yourself. Selling online or in-person to someone who wants to buy the computer or laptop from you can lead to you getting significantly less than what your laptop is actually worth. It can also take a long time to find the right buyer whether you are contacting people you know in person or using an online selling platform. If you need quick cash, we would recommend working with someone who can handle the reselling for you. Working with a dealer like a pawn shop or other electronics reseller is the best way to get a good price quickly. This is because pawn shops know they can sell your items quickly and are much better suited for determining the exact value of an item. 

How Much Can I Get Selling My Laptop To A Pawn Shop?

When selling any electronics to a pawn shop (or getting a loan for that matter) the money you get will be determined by getting an appraisal of the item. We recommend anyone in the NYC area give us a call or contact us so our team members can provide the most accurate quote on your laptop, computer, or another device. Some factors to consider when selling or pawning an electronic are the following. 


Better-known brands like Mac are going to have a higher demand than lesser known or custom-made computers. This is because customers know about the brand and might be looking to buy a used model to save a few hundred dollars.


When you buy a laptop you will have options on a variety of features even among the same brands, this includes storage, RAM, built-in cameras, etc. These features will also affect how much a laptop is worth.


Newer is always better when it comes to electronics. Newer models have newer features in terms of hardware and software. At a certain point, older models will not be able to handle newer operating systems and will become defunct.


A broken laptop is not going to sell and not going to be worth much if any. While some cosmetic damage can be repaired, you are better off selling or pawning electronics that are in good condition.

Sell/Pawn Electronics in NYC

If you live in the NYC area and are looking to buy a used laptop or electronics or are looking to sell or pawn your electronics, we would be happy to discuss what you need in person at our two locations in the Bronx or over the phone. Give us a call for more information.