Buy & Instruments & Get Instrument Repairs in the Bronx

Pawn, Buy, & Sell Instruments in New York City

Looking to buy or pawn an instrument. At both of our locations in the Bronx, people can easily buy and pawn instruments as well as buy other instrument pieces like replacement guitar strings & more. We are also an authorized seller for many great instrument brands. Additionally, we sell guitar strings and cowbells that are made right in the Bronx and are exclusively sold by us. So if you need instruments, pieces of an instrument, or repairs for your instruments, please give us a call or visit us at one of our locations in the Bronx.

Buy Instruments From Paradise Pawn in NYC

If you are looking for a new guitar, keyboard, drum kit or other instrument, you can come down to one of our two locations in the Bronx. Not only do we sell instruments that have been sold to us, but we are also authorized dealers for a variety of top instrument providers. So if you are looking for new instruments, guitar pedals, amps, tuners, or other musical gear, give us a call or come down to our locations.






Guitar Strings & Cowbells Made In The Bronx

Here at Paradise Pawn we sell guitar strings and cowbells that are made for our shops right here in the bronx. The Paradise Music brand of guitar strings and cowbells are sold exclusively at our locations in New York City and are perfect for a variety of guitars and drum kits. If you need some new strings for your electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, or you need more cow bells, please give us a call or come visit us at one of our two locations. 

Instrument Repair Services in New York City

If you are looking to get your instrument repaired, we can help. At our Grand Concourse location, we provide instrument repair services. As instrument dealers, we have the replacement parts you might need conveniently at our location. Our team can help repair your guitar, keyboard, or other instrument right on site here at Paradise Pawn. For many instruments, a small defect can greatly impact the sound and tone. Instead of having to buy a brand new instrument, professional repairs can help save your favorite instrument.

Buy, Sell, & Pawn Instruments with Paradise Pawn in the Bronx

Obviously as a pawn shop, we can also help with pawning or buying your instruments. If you have an instrument you would like a loan for or you are looking to sell a used instrument, we can evaluate it at our location and make an offer on it for you. If you are interested in knowing more about the pawning process or looking to buy a used instrument at a great value, please visit us at either of our two locations: 

Paradise Pawnbrokers @ Grand Concourse

Look for the big green sign!
Closed on Sunday & Most Major Holidays.

Paradise Pawnbrokers @ Jerome Avenue

Look for the big blue sign & banner!
Closed on Sunday & Most Major Holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pawning Instruments

Yes, many pawn shops buy used instruments as well as provide loans based on them. Make sure to check with the pawn store first to see what they take and if they provide evaluation services.

That can depend on the instrument. Many instruments you might have lying around your home are “student-grade” and likely will not have high value to a pawn broker or the music community. However, it is not uncommon to find a valuable instrument in your home. That being said, for an instrument to be valuable it needs to be undamaged from heat, moisture, and other environmental concerns. Many vintage or antique instruments do have a higher demand, so if you have one in good condition it might be worth getting an evaluation from a pawn broker.

If you are looking to sell a guitar, piano, keyboard, or other instrument you probably want to consider what option will get you your most value. Many instrument sellers do not buy used instruments, This means that many people turn to trying to sell to a friend or a relative, but that isn’t the best way to get the best value. The best way to get a good value for an instrument is to go to someone experienced in buying and selling used instruments. A pawn broker that deals in instruments is a good place to go. 

One common misconception is that you can scrap a brass instrument for good money. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. At a scrap yard you are paid per pound of brass metal. And while that tuba might look big, most of it is hollow to allow air through it. You are often better off going to a pawnbroker and seeing if it would be worth more for resale, assuming it is in good condition.

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