What Types Of Electronics Are The Best To Pawn?

What Types Of Electronics Are The Best To Pawn?

When thinking of items to use for collateral for a pawn loan or for some quick cash, you might immediately think of jewelry, watches, or other wearable items. These items are inextricably linked with pawn shops throughout the country. You will often see pawn shops with large signs about buying and selling gold or other jewelry. But there are actually a variety of other categories you can consider for getting a pawn loan. One great example is electronic devices. There are many different types of electronics as well as factors that will determine whether or not you can pawn them and how much you can expect from your pawn loan. If you are in the NYC area and are looking for quick cash, to pawn an item, or to buy used or new items, please contact our team or visit one of our two locations in the Bronx. 

How Much Can I Get Pawning Laptops and Tables

If you own a relatively new laptop, table, or other computer you can actually get some quick cash pawning it to a pawn shop like ours in the Bronx. Of course there are some obvious factors that will determine whether or not the item can be pawned and how much you can get for pawning it. 

Condition: First and foremost, pawn shops have no interest in broken technology. If the item is not functional you probably cannot use it for a pawn loan. Even if it is functional, the amount you can get for the pawn loan will be determined by the condition the device is in. Cracked screens, broken elements, and similar issues can keep a laptop from being worth anything. 

Brand & Model: When it comes to laptops, tables, and computers nothing matters as much to consumers than the brand and generation of the technology. The newer an item is, the more it is likely worth to a pawn shop and potential buyer. It doesn’t take long for older devices to become defunct. 

In terms of what you can get for your table or laptop, most pawn shops offer a percentage of what the resale value would be for your item. You can always check online stores to get an idea of how much money people are selling your device for secondhand. Of course, if you are looking to get rid of a computer, laptop, or tablet you can sell it outright to the pawn shop instead of pawning it. Make sure that when you are looking to pawn or sell computers that you bring all the accessories that are expected to come with it like chargers, keyboards, etc. 

Can You Pawn Gaming Consoles in NYC?

That of course depends on where you go. Different pawn shops have different restrictions on what they are looking to buy and sell. Gaming consoles are a unique sector of electronics. Like computers and laptops there is a demand for newer consoles in high condition. However, there is sometimes also a demand for retro systems that are no longer produced. Because many gaming consoles are not backwards compatible, there is sometimes a decent market for older consoles among people looking to enjoy some nostalgia. That said, you likely will have an easier time pawning a newer device that is in good condition. Those consoles have a high demand. Similar to computers you should bring any peripherals like controllers or chargers with you so the item is a complete package. 

What Other Electronics Can You Pawn?

What you can pawn is always dependent on where you go. You should always ask a pawn shop near you whether or not what you are looking to sell or pawn is something they would be interested in before you go. Some pawn shops take a variety of electronics including expensive cameras, power tools, etc. Of course just like all electronics the main things that matter are the condition of the electronic device and the current value of that device. 

Pawn, Sell, & Buy Electronics in The Bronx

If you live in the Bronx or one of the neighboring boroughs and are interested in selling, buying, or pawning electronics like gaming consoles, laptops, power tools, or other high-quality items, please contact our team. We would be happy to discuss our inventory, what we buy and provide loans for, and more.