Buy, Sell, & Pawn Near Manhattan

Pawn Shops Near Manhattan

If you live or work in the Manhattan area and are interested in going to a pawn shop either to set up a pawn loan, buy used or new items, or sell items for a great price, you can come to Paradise Pawn. With our two location in the Bronx, we are one of the best options for people in the boroughs and north of New York City. If you have any questions about our services or our inventory, please give us a call or use our online messaging feature to reach a member of our team. We would be happy to help you what you need!

Get Quick Cash and Pawn Loans in New York City

If you are in a bind and need quick cash you have two options, sell an item or set up a pawn loan. Compared to other loans, many people choose pawn loans because they use your own items as collateral and are neither impacted by credit scores or effect credit scores in the future. You get money based on the items you bring, plain and simple. We take a variety of things at our locations in the Bronx including electronics, designed brands, collectibles, power tools and more. For more information about the types of items we buy, sell, and provide pawn loans for, please check out our service pages. 

Buy New & Used Collectibles, Designer Handbags, & More

We buy and sell collectibles, designer goods, watches, jewelry etc. If you are looking to buy any collectibles like comic books, action figures, designed bags, or other items, we recommend you either visit our shop in person, or visit our online shop on Ebay. You can see a variety of newly listed items from comic books and collectibles, to designed clothing brands. If you have any question about our inventory please give us a call or come visit one of our two locations in the Bronx. 

Additionally, we sell some new items as well as used items that were sold to us. For example we are distributors of a variety of instrument brands and sell both instruments and accessories brand new. So if you are looking for used or new items, please visit our shops or give us a call for more information about what we have at each location. 

How Do Pawn Loans Work In New York City?

As with most states, New York state has regulations and laws regarding pawn loans. On top of that, many shops have their own unique ways of doing business beyond the rules and regulations that are set for them. If you have questions about interest rates, loan timelines, or how the system works. We would be happy to discuss in person or on the phone. But here are some general things to understand. 

Outright selling an item is the best strategy if you are looking to get the most for an item. However, if you are looking to get a pawn loan set up, you will get less than what they item is valued at. This is because, in the event that a loan is not paid off and the pawn shop is forced to sell the item, they will want to ensure that they can make a profit on the item by providing a loan that is worth a percentage of the resale value. 

Some pawn shops provide extensions but they are not legally obligated to. If you are concerned about paying off a loan on time, consider checking with the pawn shop beforehand to get a better understanding of the timeline, expectations, and possibility of loan extensions. It is recommended that you get a full picture of how the loan works before you get the loan and that you have a plan in mind on how you will pay the loan back.

Contact Pawn Shops in the Bronx

If you have any questions about buying, selling, or pawning items in New York City, please consider visiting one of our stores in the area or contact us via our online text feature or our phone numbers below.

2400 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 295-8900

3478 Jerome Ave
Bronx, NY 10467
(718) 295-8900