Buy, Sell, & Pawn In The Bronx

Pawn Shops in the Bronx

Paradise Pawn has two locations in the Bronx that are prefect for anyone looking to buy, sell, or get pawn loans. Both of our shops are great places for buying used jewelry, or getting unique items for your collections. Whether you are into trading cards or into collectibles, we buy and sell a variety of used items. We also sell brand new items and provide instrument repair services for many different types of instruments. And of course, if you are looking to get a quick pawn loan, both of our locations are the perfect place to get quick cash in the city! 

Paradise Pawnbrokers @ Grand Concourse

Look for the big green sign!
Closed on Sunday & Most Major Holidays.

Paradise Pawnbrokers @ Jerome Avenue

Look for the big blue sign & banner!
Closed on Sunday & Most Major Holidays.

How Can I Get Quick Cash In The Bronx?

For one reason or another, we can all end up in a situation where we need some cash quick. From needing to cover rent to handling a curveball, one of the best options for getting quick cash is getting a pawn loan. Compared to a bank loan, a pawn loan is easier to get, isn’t influenced by your credit score or payment history, and doesn’t impact your credit score. A pawn loan simply uses an item as collateral for the loan. If you have never pawned an item before or have questions about how pawning works with Paradise Pawn, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the process, explain what items we take, and go over any other details you need to know about. 

Purchase Used Items Online From Paradise Pawn

Here at Paradise Pawn we buy and sell a variety of items across many different industries. From collectibles like action figures and cards to electronics, designer items, watches, and more. If you are interested in buying used items for your collection or you are interested in getting fashion items for your wardrobe, you can come to either of our stores in the Bronx or you can head over to our online store on eBay for more information: 

How Does Pawning Work in The Bronx?

Like with many states, a pawn loan is a loan based on the value of the item you put up as collateral. A pawn shop will appraise the item you are looking to use for the loan. Base on the resale value of the item they will set your loan, and provide additional information regarding the payment plan and interest rate. Once the loan is paid off you will recover the item or items you used to secure the loan. 

A common misconception is that the moment there is a payment issue regarding a loan, the item is lost. This isn’t true. On top of laws that prevent pawn shops from immediately selling an item many pawn shops have their own policies to help people get their items back. Pawn shops are often willing to work with people to set up payment plans, or extend loans if needed. If you have questions about the loan process and specifically how we do things at Paradise Pawn, come visit one of our locations, give us a call, or chat with us online. 

Another option is to outright sell items to a pawn shop instead of getting loans. You will get more money upfront when you sell an item compared to when you pawn an item. This is because when you sell an item to a pawn shop you are truly transferring ownership to the pawn shop and they are able to resell the item to another buyer. 

Contact Pawn Shops in the Bronx

If you have any questions about how to secure a pawn loan, what we buy and sell, or any of our other services, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss our services, our inventory, or any other questions you have.

2400 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 295-8900

3478 Jerome Ave
Bronx, NY 10467
(718) 295-8900