How Do I Sell Electronics To A Pawn Shop?

How Do I Sell Electronics To A Pawn Shop?

Pawning is a great solution for when you need quick cash. And aside from pawning, a pawn store is also a great way to sell a used item. One of the most popular item categories to sell or pawn is electronics. From smartphones to gaming consoles, there are many different electronics you can either pawn or sell at a pawn shop. In this article we will discuss, how to pawn items, how much you can expect for your items, and how to get the most for the items you are pawning. If you have any questions about pawning, feel free to contact our pawn shops in the Bronx. 

Check With Your Pawn Shop Before You Pawn/Sell

Every pawn shop is unique, what one pawn shop might take, another might not. Pawn shops usually only take items they are comfortable appraising and reselling in the future. Because pawn shops often sell used items that are sold to them, it is important they have standards on what they sell. Before heading to a pawn shop consider giving the shop a call. Let them know the item you are considering to sell or use for a pawn loan, and see if they have any advice or issues with that item. They might be able to help you find a place to sell an item if it is an item they specifically don’t take. 

Should I Sell To A Pawn Shop Or Sell Online?

One common way to make money on old items is to sell in a yard sale or on an online marketplace. The benefit of working with a pawn shop is their ability to appraise your item and get you a price based on the resale value of the item. Selling to a friend or someone online can be hit or miss. Sometimes friends and family will request heavy discounts and you will end up walking away with less cash than you would have gotten by selling directly to a pawn shop. Some online retailers can also provide obstacles in the selling process, and it adds pressure to you as the seller to find a buyer, vet them, and fulfill the transaction yourself.

How Much Can I Get For Electronics At A Pawn Shop?

That depends on a few things. First and foremost, are you pawning or selling. Directly selling will get you more money than using an item for a pawn loan. Since pawn loans are paid back, you often get less money than you would get if you directly sold the item. Beyond that, the item is going to be appraised based on its condition, model, age, and other factors. With electronics, newer is usually better, and pristine condition goes a long way. There is less interest in buying older electronics so many pawn shops might turn down old items. The one exception to this is rare electronics that have a high demand. For example some pawn shops are interested in buying retro gaming consoles and video games assuming they are both in great condition and something that there is a high demand for. 

How Can I Get More For My Electronics?

One piece of advice on selling electronics is to make sure you are providing everything a person would need. For example if you are selling a video game console, you will want to bundle controllers, peripherals, and potentially video games. If you are selling a computer, you will want to bring the cords and any other devices that go along with that computer. 

Get Answers To Pawning Questions in NYC

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