How Much Money Are Pokemon Cards Worth At Pawn Shops?

How Much Money Are Pokemon Cards Worth At Pawn Shops?

The popularity of trading cards ebbs and flows, but recently they have come back in a big way. You might have noticed during the pandemic that some stores even had to limit how many packs of cards a customer could buy in one shopping visit. This is because the pandemic saw a huge increase in interest and demand for both old trading cards and newer trading cards. If you have a few decks stashed away, you might be interested to know exactly how much that rare card might be worth to a collector. When it comes to selling collectibles of any kind, pawn shops are often your best bet. Pawn shops that buy and sell trading cards will often have the best appraisal tools available for your cards based on their rarity and condition. Similarly, if you are a collector looking for that special card, you should always check local pawn shops before buying online. Pawn shops are more likely to sell cards for their exact value, whereas online shopping can lead to greatly inflated costs set by the seller. If you are in the NYC area, Paradise Pawn sells and buys various trading cards including Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, etc. 

Do All Pawn Shops Buy & Sell Trading Cards

Not all pawn shops buy and sell trading cards, and even pawn shops that do buy and sell cards don’t take all types of cards. For example, many modern pawn shops like to work with Pokemon cards because there is a robust appraisal system for these cards. It is much easier to appraise the value of a Pokemon card compared to appraising a baseball card for example. So it is important to check with your local pawn shop to find out what cards they take.

How Much Are My Old Trading Cards Worth?

It is impossible to be on the internet and not hear about those one-in-a-lifetime stories where someone discovers they have a secret rare item worth a million dollars to a collector. Unfortunately, the only items worth a million dollars are the items that are so rare a collector has no choice but to pay a million dollars. A trading card is going to be evaluated based on a few key factors. Authenticity, rarity, demand, and condition. 

Sell/Buy Trading Cards in NYC

If you live in New York City and are looking to sell or buy trading cards like Pokemon cards, give us a call. We provide pawning, selling, and buying services for NYC and beyond at our locations in the Bronx.