Do Pawn Shops Take Sneakers?

Do Pawn Shops Take Sneakers?

Pawn shops are known for being great places to sell luxury items as well as collectibles. From selling watches and designer bags to getting loans on antiques and various collectible items like trading cards. One emerging area that sort of fits in both categories is sneakers. Many “sneakerheads” collect rare, one-of-a-kind sneakers. As a clothing item, many of the top brands of sneakers release limited edition variations of designs that can get a lot of money on resale. Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or get a loan on some unique sneakers, this article will be a quick guide on how to buy/sell sneakers from local pawn shops. If you live in the NYC area, give Paradise Pawn a call for more information on selling or buying sneakers from our Bronx locations. 

Do All Pawn Stores Buy/Sell Sneakers?

No, sneakers are a relatively new market for collectors as well as luxury items. While almost any pawn shop in the country is equipped to appraise and offer loans on jewelry or watches, not every pawn shop takes unique sneakers. You will want to either call the pawn shop or check their website to see what items they provide loans for before you go.

What Brands Of Sneakers To Pawn Shops Take?

Much like with watches or designer bags, many pawn shops will only work with commonly known and sought after brands. For example, Nike (including Air Jordans), Adidas, Dior, and similar brands are common for collectors. That said, what is more important than the brand is the specific pair of sneakers. The value of your sneakers will be determined based on their condition, the rarity of that specific sneaker, and the demand for them. One thing that tends to increase the price of sneakers is the limited nature of a specific style or pair. If there are only a couple thousand pairs available, that will be worth a lot more. 

How Do I Get My Sneakers Appraised?

If you live in the NYC area and have questions about how much your sneakers might be worth, you could always give us a call or visit us in person to discuss your sneakers. If you aren’t in the NYC area, you can check different appraisal sites or look up for selling history for your pair of sneakers to get a ballpark idea of what people have paid in the past for either the pair you have or for similar pairs.